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Patreon Milestone Goal Budgets

These are the estimated budgets for different Patreon milestone goals.

Bare Bones Budget, $800
By cutting a bunch of corners, doing extra work, and not paying myself, this is the amount I need to create a new episode. Reaching this goal means that I will have a good chance of getting an update every month but may slip behind if life makes that difficult.

Basic Budget, $1,500
With enough funding to pay myself as well as a few others to help, reaching this goal means I can guarantee one update every month AND that I won’t have to quit doing this project in order to look for work elsewhere.

Fair Pay Budget, $2,250
No longer will cast and crew be paid on “thanks for doing me a favor” rates. Everyone’s rates get raised to be more in line with indy-industry standards. To be fair, it’s still probably lower than the average, depending on your measurements, but these raises are important and long overdue. To celebrate, once we meet this goal the entire archive will become publicly accessible for a month!

Tobi Goes Full Time Budget, $3,500
Okay, technically this is only the local minimum wage for 20 hrs/wk, but it’s enough that I can get most of my basic living expenses covered and will be able to devote myself more fully to this work. To celebrate, I’ll create a special episode with a higher production budget! Keep in mind this may take 6 or more months to complete.

Bare Basic Fair-Pay Tobi FT
Performer 1 200 200 300 300
Performer 2 200 200 300 300
Camera 50 50 100 150
Location 0 100 150 150
Editor 150 150 200 200
Social Media 0 50 100 100
Tobi 0 300 500 1,300
Travel 50 150 100 200
Payment Fees 90 175 260 400
Miscellaneous 60 125 240 400
Total 800 1,500 2,250 3,500

Additional Notes:

Travel Budget – This allows us to subsidize travel for performers, for Tobi to travel to areas where performers are at, to attend film festivals, awards shows, and similar events. This represents the amount set aside each month to be able to afford travel throughout the year.

Payment Fees – There is a small fee both per payment processed and as a percentage of the amount. In general, lots of smaller pledges means more of the money is going to payment fees. That means it’s impossible to predict the exact amount. If the actual fees are lower, the difference will go into the miscellaneous fund.

Miscellaneous – This money goes into a fund to cover various costs that do not occur every month, costs that are unpredictable, when other categories go over budget, and several categories of smaller costs. This can include website and bandwidth, food for performers, legal fees, bank fees, DVD production, sound and camera equipment, and more.

Keep in mind all of these numbers may vary from month to month. For example, sometimes we may do an episode with 1 performer or with 3 performers.