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Lucy and Darius

Season 1, Episode 11: Lucy and Darius

Continuing with the final episodes of season 1, this episode took quite a lot to make happen. With some of the funding I had from the original kickstarter, I was able to pay airfare from the UK to give this bi-national couple an opportunity to see each other. The border was particularly difficult, though, and with the first attempt Darius was turned away by US customs because they did not believe the gender on Darius’ passport and assumed it was a forgery. But eventually we made it happen and it was a delight to see this couple together. They both had such a great sense of humor and didn’t stop joking with each other from start to finish.


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Amelia and bunny

Season 1, Episode 10: Amelia and bunny

Finally, a return to the lost episodes of season 1! These have been a long time coming and include a return to the old format including my episode intros while drinking tea. I hope you enjoy!

Amelia and bunny were one of the first scenes shot for the Doing it Again DVD series. The third volume, focusing on trans women and genderqueers, stalled when I lost my day job and was forced to split my time between film production, freelance work, and looking for work with a living wage. Later, when I finally got hired full time, I suddenly found myself barely any time to work on other projects. But I’ve been determined to take this series to it’s completion, even if it takes much longer than originally planned.


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