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Trans Women and Strap Ons

Earlier this month I got asked my advice on picking out a strap on harness that is good for trans women, and I realized that I couldn’t just point to my informational video on the topic since the site it was hosted on hasn’t been around for a while. Now seems like the perfect time to put it up here.

It’s odd seeing how much I’ve changed in the half decade since I made this film – My hair was so much shorter! And I would have really tried to make this differently if I were to do it again now. But in any case, I hope you enjoy it!


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In honor of the 5th Anniversary release of the film that started it all — Doing it Ourselves — we’re sharing with you the infamous “lost scene” that was kept out of the original release. Not only will you get to see some a enthusiastic threesome of trans women excited to be creating their own porn, but you also get to see a very different look that Tobi had all those years ago. Shot back in 2008, the original footage was lost when the editor we were working with suddenly lost her housing. Working from backups we were able to restore most of the scene and add it as an extra, but some footage was lost forever. It’s been put back into the feature film as a part of the anniversary release, and now you can watch it right here as well.


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