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Values | Doing It Online


We aim to create participant/performer-focused, ethical sexual media that is authentic, sex positive, trans positive, and has both a wide and deep range of representation with the goal of encouraging empowering self-discovery and personal enjoyment, as well as spreading awareness and information around sexual health and trans experience.

What Participant/Performer Focused Ethics Means to Us

While our ethics address every level of production – including distribution, casting, representation, marketing, and so on – we center our concerns on the experience of participants and performers. Inviting a camera to film you having sex and answering personal questions about your life can be a vulnerable position, involving a lot of trust in the filmmaker. We honor that trust by giving participants and performers wide freedom in deciding what they do on camera and what stories they want to tell, and by doing our best to create a positive, supportive, and empowering experience.

  •  Our Safe Sex Policy
    Based around the value of empowered choice, it is our policy to give participants/performers full freedom to manage their own safe sex and risk reduction choices. For many people that means using condoms, gloves, and other barriers. For others, that might mean engaging only in low risk sexual activity that does not require barriers. Some might get STI panel testing in preparation for a shoot, and use barriers or not based on the results. A few might be in long term and/or monogamous relationships in which a decision has been made to not use barriers. We do encourage the visible use of barriers, but you might see some scenes without them when people are choosing to use other safe sex strategies. Our first priority is to make sure that participants/performers feel free and empowered to make decisions about their own bodies and health.
  • Our Participants/Performers Pay Policy
    As a small independent production company, we often operate with minimal or no profit. Knowing that and caring about the value of our productions, some participants and performers have offered to work for free; while we deeply appreciate these offers, it is our policy to refuse. We believe that sexual labor should be valued and people doing this work should always be paid. Independent queer/feminist porn productions are not profitable enough to pay competitive rates with mainstream porn, but we believe that we should work towards raising the standard wages within this industry, and accepting offers of free labor, even if the person offering does not need the money, would contribute to lowering the wages of everyone who relies on this work for their livelihood.

What Authentic Means To Us

Others might sell a form of manufactured authenticity, asking performers to ‘be themselves’ but rejecting people who don’t fit their company’s version of ‘real,’ because they orgasm too loudly or sound “fake”, don’t orgasm, wear too much makeup, prefer to engage in sexual practices that don’t match the target audience, and so on. For us it is important to include a diverse range of people and to make sure that everyone who appears on camera has freedom to show themselves as they choose. An episode is never rejected based on the type of sex or other content of the episode. Some people may engage in role play, set a context or story for the scene, or explicitly play to the camera; if they tell us that is authentic to the kind of sexuality they have, we believe them implicitly. People in our films are given the space to plan out what they want to do in a scene. That may include a choice to focus on only one person receiving, not creating requirements around orgasms, and allowing each person to engage in whatever sexual or sensual activity they choose to. For example, we almost had the chance to shoot an asexual couple in a sensuality scene, and while that did not work out we hope to have another opportunity in the future.

What Sex Positive Means To Us

There’s a lot of judgment and shame around sexuality. Sex positivity is about empowering each individual to make the choices around sex that feel best for them. Free, informed, non-coercive consent is vital to that. When some people think about sex positivity they think of wild, uninhibited spaces where everyone is having a lot of sex. Sex positivity is about seeing and validating all options around sexuality, whether it’s wild or reserved, monogamous or not, private or shared with an interested audience. For more detail, please see this great article, What Sex-Positivity Is – And Is Not, by Carol Queen.

What Trans Positive Means To Us

It’s no secret that the Doing it series was created in response to and as an alternative to the specific restrictions and cookie cutter images common within mainstream trans porn. The focus on genitals, erections, ejaculation, and so on is reflective of some trans women’s realities, but when it is the only thing that is allowed to be showed and trans women who can’t or won’t meet that image get fired, that’s a problem. It gives a lot of people a false impression about what to expect from the trans community and leaves most trans women unable to find images that reflect people like them engaging in sexuality.

Rather than focus on only one way of being trans, we hope to provide that alternative and create something where that shows to full diversity of what it means to be trans. Personal decisions around hormones, surgery, how to manage dysphoria, how to engage in sex, or personal understanding of what gender means can be highly politicized or charged. Creating a trans positive space means that no one should fear being told that they aren’t trans enough or that they aren’t trans in the right way.

What Wide and Deep Representation Means To Us

We believe it is important to bring underrepresented stories to the forefront and are constantly trying to find what experiences are lacking both in media in general and our work specifically, including areas not typically thought of as “diversity.” We want to include people from a range of ages, body sizes, races, abilities, hormonal/surgical status, approaches to dysphoria, and more. We invite all applicants to share with us any experiences or perspectives they see as underrepresented when considering casting.  Inclusion also means more than checking a box on who is present. We want to include content that specifically engages the experiences and backgrounds each person brings to the project.

Erotic Documentary Exploring Trans Women's Sexuality