Tobi Hill-Meyer and Rowan Broadway

A couple years ago Charlie Spats had a grand idea. He knew how powerful queer porn can be for those of us who have been isolated and made to feel like there’s no one like you – that had been his experience. So he created Porn For Everyone, a website that would post ideas for shoots and people could pledge to make one happen. Once funding was collected it would be shot and the scene would be posted online to be freely seen by anyone.

I think the idea could still work, but like so many queer porn projects, it ran out of steam. This shoot that Rowan and I did for Porn For Everyone never made it onto the site before it closed down. But Spats recently finished it and put it on his Xtube channel, and I made sure to get a copy to share with you here.

Shot in the Little Sisters Bookstore in Vancouver BC, this shoot excited the bibliophile in me. I loved getting to push Rowan up against the bookshelf and fuck while surrounded by so much queer lit.


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